About us

Our rooms

Our premises are of the highest standards, providing a safe and stimulating area in which your child can play, both inside and outside. The nursery is part of a large family home, with rooms set aside for both purposes. The building has high ceilings and many large windows, lending the nursery a light and airy feel.

The children are grouped by the stage they have reached, and these groups have their own base rooms within the nursery. However, there is plenty of opportunity during the day for groups to mix.

We have a self contained baby unit with a play room and separate sleep room, kitchen and bathroom. There are two more groups of children and three more play rooms for the whole nursery, two set aside for messy play activities and a large carpeted lounge area. One of these rooms is also fitted with lots of sensory equipment, such as a bubble column, infinity tunnel and twinkling ceiling lights.

The main kitchen, meeting stringent environmental health standards, is used for the preparation and cooking of all the children’s meals and snacks (other than bottles of milk, which are prepared in the baby unit). We currently hold a 5 star rated environmental health certificate; the highest award given.

Outside, there is a securely fenced large garden, bordered by pleasant trees, shrubs and flowers. A safe rubber surface and lawn give all children, including babies, daily opportunities to play outside. There are large wooden planters containing herbs and touchy feely plants, and an area where the children may choose to grow their own plants.