About us

Our food

We employ a professional cook to prepare nutritionally balanced menus and cook a hot lunch.


At meal times, the children’s usual carers sit with them to ensure an enjoyable and sociable event. Children are encouraged to use good manners and courteous behaviour.


A separate milk kitchen is used for making milk feeds and the nursery staff make bottles for each child as needed. As babies are weaned, they are gradually introduced to solid food. This will be carried out in accordance with parent’s instructions, so that new foods are first introduced at home. Wherever possible, babies will be given the same freshly prepared food as the older children, liquidised or mashed as necessary.

Meal times for older children

Hot meals are freshly prepared in our nursery kitchen by our professionally qualified cook and the cost of these is included in the fees. The cook is also responsible for preparing healthy menus. Fresh ingredients are used wherever possible and food is cooked and served straightaway. We use locally grown, seasonal fruit and vegetables from a local farm shop and use good quality milk from a local dairy. Healthy eating is encouraged and children are asked not to bring sweets to nursery. Non-sugary drinks such as milk, water or diluted fruit juice will be available with meals and at snack times. Fresh water is always available and extra drinks are encouraged in hot weather.

Children are offered a wide variety of foods, and any dietary or cultural preferences are observed. Children are always encouraged to try new foods, but are never forced to eat if they really do not like what is offered.

We have our own allotment and use the organic produce from this in our nursery meals when in season.

Sample menu

Before 8:45 am Breakfast Cereal and toast
Milk, water or juice
10:20 am Morning break Fresh apple slices
Milk, water or juice
11.45 am Lunch Home made cottage pie
with sweet potato
and vegetables
Fromage Frais
Milk, water or juice
4:00pm Tea Selection of sandwiches
and salad
Home made flap jack
Milk, water or juice