Inspection reports

Early Childhood Environment Rating Scheme (ECERS)

We participate voluntarily in ECERS audits, sharing the process between an external auditor from Worcestershire Authority and our own internal auditor. Environment rating scales are used as positive and transparent tools for evaluating and improving the learning environment. Systematic structure and rating allows measurement to track improvement over time. ECERS is internationally recognised and used throughout the UK.

Our most recent ECERS audit was in August 2012 and we are delighted that in the large profile, for the majority of the criteria, we scored a maximum rating of 7, representing “excellent”, with an average overall score of 6.47. We also participated in the extended version of ECERS and achieved a very creditable score of 5.5 out of a maximum 7. We reviewed ECERS in January 2016 and are confident that we are maintaining our excellent scores.

We use the ECERS scores to identify areas where we wish to improve and set ourselves focussed improvement plans in order to achieve these.